Palace Guards Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Acquisition: Unit Tree
  • Unlocked Via: 15,000 Bronze Bronze Honour
  • Type: Melee Infantry - Buckler Shield
  • Era: Heroic Era

The Palace Guard are the elite of the eastern armies, formed from the best regiments of the Prefecture Army. They have heavy armour and iron shields that make them near-unstoppable. They make excellent bodyguards for high-ranking officers, and their training allows them to react well to any battlefield situation.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 6,179 Strength (Units) 28
Leadership 235 Speed 4.00
Range 0 Ammo 0
Labour 3.92 Max Level 24
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 0 Piercing DMG 0 Piercing DEF 582
Slashing AP 1,416 Slashing DMG 1,215 Slashing DEF 498
Blunt AP 462 Blunt DMG 383 Blunt DEF 287
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Poor Good Fair Bad Great

Unit Traits:

  • Staunch Defenders: The unit is excellent in defence making it ideal for blocking an enemy advance. Damage taken is also reduced.
  • Heavy Armour: This unit wears heavy armour, making it difficult to harm.
  • Fire-Resistant: This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.
  • Shieldbearers: Ranged damage is reduced while unit is using shields.


  • Shield Wall: The shield wall is a tightly packed formation intended to defend in one direction.
  • Block: A dense formation intended to enhance the unit's defences.

Unit Orders:

  • Shield Rush: Order your unit to charge in a designated direction, inflicting high damage on enemy hit along the way. Charging soldiers take less damage.
  • Guard the Throne: The unit immediately takes a defensive stance, reducing charge damage taken from the front. It also gets control immunity for 5 seconds. Using other Palace Guard skills to attack enemies while in this state will increase the amount of damage those skills deal.

    Once the unit adopts the defensive stance, it may use the 'For the Power!' skill; your unit will move quickly towards enemy soldiers if they are close enough, and kick them back on contact.

Veterancy Paths:


  • Unwavering (1): Reduces damage taken by 5%.

Top Path:

  • Hone (3): Each level increases slashing armour penetration by 5%.
  • Razor-Sharp (3): Each level increases slashing damage by 2%.
  • Sweeping Strike (1): Increases the number of enemies each soldiers can attack with a single strike by 1.
  • In the Blink of An Eye (2): Each level increases critical value by 6%.
  • Breakthrough (3): Each level increases blocking break by 30%.
  • Shield Bash (1): The unit may use a shield bash attack, dealing blunt damage.
  • Fierce Strikes (1): Attacking enemies can daze them.
  • Anti-Infantry (1): Increases damage dealt to infantry by 15%.
  • Attack Training (1): All damage is increased by 10%. Decreases all defences by 5%. Changes unit appearance.

Bottom Path:

  • Toughen Up (3): Each level increases piercing defence by 3%.
  • Rearguard (1): Reduces damage taken from rear attacks by 15%.
  • Immovable (2): Each level increases blocking recovery by 20%.
  • Iron Will (1): Reduces bleed damage when armour pierced by 20%.
  • Reflexes (3): Each level reduces ranged damage taken by 7%.
  • The Soldier's Life (2): Each level increases health by 4.5%.
  • Shield (1): Unlocks shield formation.
  • Unwavering (2): Each level reduces damage taken by 3%.
  • Thick Armour (1): Increases all types of defence by 20%. changes unit appearance.

Unit Mastery:

  1. Iron Armour: Increases slashing defence by 40 points.
    Cost: 10 Random Infantry Manual
  2. Body of Steel: Increases health by 300 points.
    Cost: 20 Random Infantry Manual
  3. Iron Armour: Increases slashing defence by 60 points.
    Cost: 25 Random Infantry Manual
  4. Body of Steel: Increases health by 420 points.
    Cost: 40 Random Infantry Manual
  5. Lightning Reflexes: Upon using any skill, slashing damage will increase by 300 points for 6 seconds.
    Cost: 10 Rare Infantry Manual
  6. Asymmetrical Warfare: Increases damage versus polearm units by 500 points.
    Cost: 40 Random Infantry Manual
  7. Asymmetrical Warfare:  Reduces damage taken from polearm units by 300 points.
    Cost: 60 Random Infantry Manual
  8. Inscrutable: Reduces the cooldown of Guard The Throne by 5 seconds. For every attack Palace Guards suffer, and additional 0.3 seconds of cooldown time will be reduced.
    Cost: 20 Rare Infantry Manual

Unit Kit Crafting

Unit Kit Recipe

Palace Guard's Kit
Fief Level Req.: 5
Cost: 100

4 Boiled Leather
4 Wrought Iron

4 Quality Fabric

Eagle Range (NA) Crafting Locations:
Fief Region Fief Level Availability
Yixing Liangyun 4 Fief Level Too Low
Narth Liangyun 3 Fief Level Too Low
By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch | Last Update: August 23rd, 2022