Tenant Farmers Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Acquisition: Unit Tree
  • Unlocked Via: Free
  • Type: Melee Infantry - Polearm
  • Era: Rustic Era

Tenant farmers are peasants bound to the lands of their overlords, and pay their rent in the form of labour, which includes serving in their lord's armies when called upon. Tenant Farmers have minimal combat potential against any unit stronger than basic militia, but are useful for freeing up better troops for more dangerous or important duties elsewhere on the battlefield, or to act as foragers and wagon drivers during expeditionary campaigns.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 4,115 Strength (Units) 32
Leadership 40 Speed 5.50
Range 0 Ammo 0
Labour 5.76 Max Level 10
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 925 Piercing DMG 737 Piercing DEF 62
Slashing AP 0 Slashing DMG 0 Slashing DEF 96
Blunt AP 0 Blunt DMG 0 Blunt DEF 57
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Bad Fair Fair Fair Good

Unit Traits:

  • Feudal Labourers - This unit is made up of levied peasants, who are skilled at gathering resources.
  • Armour Penetration - This unit has weapons capable of punching through armour.
  • Swamp - Increases damage dealt to cavalry by 26%, and reduces an attacked cavalry unit's movement speed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.
  • Peasants - This unit has a low Leadership cost but has very little combat ability.
By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch | Last Update: August 23rd, 2023