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Eagle Range


Narth is a Town located in the Liangyun region of Conqueror's Blade

Fief Details
Ruling House: iTeam
Alliance: LongTongRangers
Location: Liangyun
Fief Type: Town
Level: 3
Prestige: 600
Nodes: Cotton Wood
Optimal Cannon
Hashashin's Kit
Xuanjia Heavy Cavalry Kit
Palace Guard's Kit
Wuwei Mansion Guard Kit
Well-Made Ballista
Well-Made Hwacha Arrow Launcher
Capture Requirements
House Level: 3
Reputation: 2,600
Eagle Range Seasonal History
Season: House: Alliance: Level:
18 iTeam LongTongRangers 3
14 WarriorsNation Inevitable 6
Cloudwing Valley (NA West) Seasonal History
Season: House: Alliance: Level:
13 Reaper YellowTurbans 3
7 Valiance YellowTurbans 2

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