Explore the Macedonia-inspired Season and its heroes in a new Seasonal Campaign. Unlock brand-new Units, a New Map, new runes, exclusive rewards from the Alexander Battle Pass, experience numerous improvements, and celebrate with launch events.

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Now that the My.Games version has been migrated to the Poros Interactive / Booming Technologies system we have discovered some discrepancies in Season numbers that we were not aware of. For those in the East, Season 18 was Dragonrise. For those in the West season 19 was Dragonrise. Several areas in this site will be labeled to reflect the Western version of the game. I will be working towards making all seasons standard across the board however this will take time and some areas like the War Report videos will still reflect the old My.Game season numbers. We appreciate your patience and understanding and aim to keep you as best informed as we can.
- Foghladha

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Do you crave adrenaline pumping action? Download the Free-2-Play MMORPG Conqueror's Blade and seek glory in an endless battlefield. Choose from an array of weapons to master, siege weapons to craft, and units to train. Featuring both PvE and PvP battles, Conqueror's Blade offers the most engaging siege warfare available today.


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Surviving the battle takes patience, practice and relentlessness. It also helps to learn a few things before heading into battle. We've worked tirelessly to create guides and resources to help you get going as soon as possible. Browse our list of guides and you just might pickup a few new tricks.

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