Huskarls Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Season 12: Helheim
  • Acquisition: Seasonal Challenges
  • Unlocked Via: Seasonal Unit Challenges
  • Type: Melee Infantry - Buckler Shield
  • Era: Heroic Era

Historically, Viking fighters of old were known for their fierce loyalty, and none more so than the housecarl (in Old Norse, húskarl). These bodyguards of Scandinavian kings and chiefs were disciplined soldiers of great repute and were armed with a variety of weapons.

Huskarls are Harald the Slaughterer's personal guard in Conqueror's Blade and are considered to be among the most formidable warriors in the Northlands, and an inspiration to their comrades. The longer their Skald's Song is sung, the greater its effect on their movement, attack rate, and armour penetration is.

Their unwavering loyalty knows no bounds, and its inspiration extends to their Northlander allies, who will also be bolstered by the Huskarls' dedication to their leaders.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 7,788 Strength (Units) 21
Leadership 230 Speed 5.20
Range 0 Ammo 0
Labour 3.78 Max Level 24
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 0 Piercing DMG 0 Piercing DEF 589
Slashing AP 1,416 Slashing DMG 1,458 Slashing DEF 578
Blunt AP 691 Blunt DMG 768 Blunt DEF 543
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Bad Good Bad Bad Great

Unit Traits:

  • Northlander Legend - For the duration of Season XII this unit's Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points.
  • Heim's Warsong - Skald's Song improves the combat abilities of the Huskarls. The longer the chant is active, the stronger the effect. While chanting, damage taken by Huskarls will be increased by 50%.
  • Northlander Blood - Using Skald's Song encourages nearby Northlander units increasing their movement speed, slashing armour penetration and blunt armour penetration, while also reducing the amount of damage they take.


  • Dispersed - The unit forms a spread-out square formation to lessen the impact of ranged attacks.
  • Huskarl Shield - The Huskarls form a layered shield formation to protect the hero behind them.

Unit Orders:

  • Boar Snout - The Huskarls get in formation in front of the hero to help fight off enemies, and then move along with the hero.
  • Skald's Song - The Huskarls beat their weapons to the tune of an ancient warsong, inspiring themselves as well as their Northern colleagues, increasing movement as well as slashing and blunt armour penetration, and reducing their damage taken. The longer the warsong lasts, the more inspiring it becomes.
  • Huskarl Charge - The Huskarls charge toward the nearest enemy, launching a continuous attack.
  • Sea Surge - The Huskarls charge toward the nearest enemy, and launch one all-out attack.
  • Gathering Storm - The Huskarls make a short sprint forward. If they collide with an enemy, they will immediately knock them down.

Veterancy Paths:


  • The Soldier's Life (2) - Each level increases health by 3%.

Top Path:

  • Razor-Sharp (3) - Each level increases slashing armour penetration by 4%.
  • Hone (2) - Each level increases slashing damage by 5%.
  • Polearm Parry (2) - Each level increases damage dealt to pikemen by 5%
  • Second Wind (2) - Each level reduces Boar Snout cooldown by 1 second.
  • Forceful Advance (3) - Each level increases blunt armour penetration by 4%.
  • Rearguard (3) - Each level reduces damage taken from rear attacks by 5%.
  • Vargr's Fang (1) - Axe attacks add a Razor-Sharp effect that can stack up to 3 times on the target. The fourth attack will immediately inflict a one-time bleed effect on the target unit.

Middle Path:

  • Resilient (2) - Each level increases slashing defense by 5%.
  • Toughen Up (2) - Each level increases piercing defense by 5%. 
  • Anti-Cavalry Training (2) - Each level reduces damage taken from cavalry by 5%. 
  • Polearm Parry (2) - Each level increases damage dealt to pikemen by 5%.
  • Block (3) - Each level increases blocking by 60 points.
  • Reflexes (3) - Each level increases resistance to ranged weapons by 4%.
  • Giant's Mallet (1) - Shield attacks can stack 3% Slow effect on the target. The fourth attack will immediately stun the target unit for 1 second.

Bottom Path:

  • Disciplined (3) - Each level increases blunt damage by 4%.
  • Anti-Infantry Training (3) - Each level reduces damage taken from melee units by 4%.
  • Unswerving (2) - Each level reduces damage taken during Skald's Song by 5%.
  • Song of the War God (1) - During Skald's Song, restores 0.5% health every second for 20 seconds. Damage taken is also increased by 20% while this effect is active.

Unit Kit Crafting

Unit Kit Recipe

Huskarl's Kit
Fief Level Req.: 5
Cost: 100

5 Wrought Iron
4 Boiled Leather

6 Refined Copper
3 Fine Fabric

Eagle Range (NA) Crafting Locations:
Fief Region Fief Level Availability
Brittia Borderlands 7 Available
Zhulong Borderlands 2 Fief Level Too Low

Lore Books:

Huskarls I

[The text is quite long but you are able to quickly glean the most important points:]
This book is a collection of accounts from Loegrian soldiers sent to the Northlands to enforce the rule of the council. Their complaints are many: the food, the hostility of the locals, the weather. One group were stationed at a wooden fortress (Fort Bolton) on the border with the so-called "Frost tribes" in the far north, the second were stationed a day's march south of them at a fortified village (Grima3s Farm). Much of the book lists their duties which include collecting taxes from the peasantry, patrols on horseback through the deep pine forests of the Northlands, ditties from which a deep mood of homesickness can be felt.

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