Building your Warband in Conqueror's Blade


To start you off, Conqueror's Blade places you in a low-tier division that is filled with other people under level 100. If it can't find enough people under level 100 to pair you with it fills the rest with stupid bots that make you feel like a God and make completing unit challenges a breeze.

DON'T RUSH to level 100!

Once you level past 100 you will be thrown into the deep end of the shark-infested pool. It is absolutely CRITICAL that you have the tools necessary to defend yourself once you clear the level 100 threshold.

In this time it is critical that you do not use Hero XP Cards to speed your hero's leveling up. In my time as a Conqueror's Blade content creator and house leader, I have seen that most players will leave the game between levels 100 and 150. Those that make it past 150 typically stick around. Here are some quick points to help you prepare for the war ahead.

My advice to you is to use this time to unlock seasonal challenges. You can access seasonal challenges by pressing F5, then clicking on "Season Challenges", then in the top right click the switch seasons icon and select the season you wish to unlock. Once you have it selected click the "Start Seasonal Challenge" button at the bottom to set the season as your active season. Next, complete the seasonal challenges to unlock the desired units. This will be vastly easier pre-100 than after 100 so stay focused on getting those units unlocked. 

Unit Plan for the first 100 Levels

Here is a list of my personal recommendations for seasonal units to work towards pre-100. Please note your house leaders may wish you to focus on specific units to fit their needs:

Essental Blue Seasonal Units

  1. Outriders (Tyranny)
  2. Sons of Fenrir (Wolves Of Ragnarok)
  3. Caradoc's Cavalry (Avalon)
  4. Schutzdieners (Knightfall) - Needed to unlock the Kriegsbruders
  5. Feathered Crossbowmen (Dragonrise) - Needed to unlock Wuwei Mansion Guard and Xuanjia Heavy Cavalry
  6. Ronin (Sengoku) - Needed to unlock the Onna-musha

Essental Purple Seasonal Units

  1. Kriegsbruders (Knightfall)
  2. Wuwei Mansion Guard (Dragonrise)
  3. Onna-Musha (Sengoku)
  4. Camel Lancers (Scorpio)
  5. Fortebraccio Pikemen (Soldiers of Fortune)
  6. Berserkers (Wolves Of Ragnarok)
  7. Crescent Monks (Eternal)
  8. Myrmillones (Colosseum)
  9.  Symmachean Stalwarts (Legacy of Fire)
  10. Armiger Lancers (Scourge of Winter)

Essental Gold Season Units

  1. Yanyuedao Cavalry (Eternal)
  2. Orochi Samurai (Sengoku)
  3. Siphonarioi (Legacy of Fire)
  4. Modao Battalion (Dynasty)
  5. Liao's Rangers (Scourge of Winter)
  6. Shield Maidens (Wolves Of Ragnarok)
  7. Falconetti Gunners (Soldiers of Fortune)

Additional Units to Consider:

  1. Shenji Grenadiers (Tyranny or via Unit Tree)
  2. Pavise Crossbowmen (Soldiers of Fortune or via Unit Tree)
  3. Namkhan Archers (Wrath of the Nomads)

While you're unlocking challenges, focus on leveling up each of these units from the unit tree to max level.

  1. Men-at-Arms (Veterancy: Full Top + 3 Bottom + Rest Middle)
  2. Imperial Spear Guards (Veterancy: Bottom)
  3. Imperial Pike Guards (Veterancy Top)
  4. Ironcap Scout Cavalry (Veterancy: Top)
  5. Incendiary Archers (Veterancy: Top)
  6. Rattan Marksmen (Veterancy: Top)
  7. Dagger-Axe Lancers (Veterancy: Top)
  8. Shenji Grenadiers (Veterancy: Top = Better Guns, Bottom = Better Bombs)
  9. Winged Hussars (Veterancy: Bottom)
  10. Cataphract Lancers (Veterancy: Top)
  11. Imperial Archers (Veterancy: Top)
  12. Kriegsrat Fusiliers (Veterancy: Top)
  13. Imperial Arquebusiers (Veterancy: Bottom)
  14. Pike Militia (Veterancy: Middle)

While leveling units try to use 1 unit you're leveling up at a time. Do not bring other units that are soaking exp with you. Instead, use other units you've already reached max level with or your weekly Auxiliary Units. This will ensure 100% of the Unit XP earned will flow towards the unit you're leveling up. You want to focus your Unit XP on these units and these units only before level 100. Do not waste time leveling units you won't need to survive post-level 100. The units above will be crucial to your survival and success on the long road ahead.

Written By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch | Last Update:

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