How to Succeed at Peacekeeping Solo


There is a definitive way to always come out on top while Peacekeeping by yourself. It doesn't involve throwing your troops against an endless sea of invaders. It doesn't require Maxed out fully doctrined gold units. It simply involves one of three units and a good horse. 

What is Peacekeeping?

Peacekeeping was introduced in Season 15: Eternal as a replacement for the original wandering rebel mechanic. The new battle consists of Two Resupply points, A defensive formation of units with markers above them, and an endless wave of assaulting enemies whose sole purpose in life is to capture your resupply point. If the enemy forces capture either of your resupply points you lose.

What do you need?

  • Imperial Archers - These are my favorite pick because occasionally you will encounter an Imperial Spear Guard variant and these are the only archers that can pierce shields. They have excellent range and high DPS and usually get the job done without needing to resupply.
  • Vassal Longbowmen - An alternate to the Imperial Archers that take a little longer but still can finish the job. These can be left on the second Resupply Point as long as the Respawning AI Friendly units don't drag the Enemy AI onto that point. They fire much slower than the Imperial Archers but can still get the job done.
  • Incendiary Archers - These are the most overlooked Blue Archer in the game. Their ability to light things ablaze is crucial in this encounter as many times you will face Berserkers, Tseregs or Fortebraccio Pikemen all of which are highly flammable. For this encounter, if you don't have either of the above these will do. You will need to have them resupply which can be problematic when doing this solo.

How can you win?

This is the simple part.

  1. The first thing you want to do is bring in a unit you don't want to use first. You can do this by pressing U in the open field and clicking on the Unit. This will move it to the first unit slot and be the unit you start the battle with.  The reason we do this is because all of the archers listed above are slow and time is of the essence. 
  2. On your horse sprint to the second Resupply Point and trade the unit you entered with for your choice archer unit.
  3. Then move to the 10:00 position around the units with the Arrows above them. Plan your archers close enough that you can hit the entire group of soldiers. Then just let them fire on the pile of targets.
  4. Next, on horseback sprint back to the invading party that will have a Shortsword and Shield AI Hero. Wait for them to murder the friendly AI and then bait the Hero away from the pack. Don't sprint too far or he will leash back to his original path. Drag him back to the far side of the units with arrows above them and keep rounding them up as more heroes spawn. You sometimes will have 3 heroes chasing you. I advise running circles around them to keep them tight. It is important that you kite the units away from the main group of units that your archers are firing on. 

Once your archers kill all the arrow targets the battle will end successfully. To illustrate how this is done I recorded a short video example for you. Here's a video walkthrough:

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