Gathering in Conqueror's Blade: Maximize your Resource Gains


Gathering resources in Conqueror's Blade is the leading way to generate crafting materials and more importantly Fief Quests. While creating Unit Kits and Siege Weapons may be an attractive prospect, Fief Quests provide the largest source of honour in the game which leads to you having a more powerful army. In addition, It is also the leading way of acquiring treasures, which can be sold on the Resource Market for between 10,000 and 15,000 silver each.

Preparing for Gathering

The primary stat that decides how many resources you gain for each gathering attempt is "Labour". This grows as units level up and some units like the Serfs, Village Watchmen, Woodcutters and Tenant Farmers have veterancy tracks that boost the Labour even further. Furthermore the are several Doctrines that can also help you gain Labour. After extensive testing, I found that the Serf unit was the best farming unit. This is largely due to their extremely high Labor score and with their bottom line, veterancy gains a 40% bonus towards resource gathering. The overall goal you should set early on is to recruit 5 Serfs and get them to Level 7. Follow the bottom veterancy line. This will drastically improve your gathering potential by almost 400%. To recruit more than 1 Serf, be sure to unselect the "Unformed units only" checkbox in the top left of the Create unit screen.

Unit Comparison

Top Gathering Units by Native Labour Scores
Rank Unit Labor
1 Serfs 12.80
2 Tenant Farmers 11.52
3 Village Watchmen 10.68
4 Woodcutters 10.08

Leveling Your Serfs

I would advise all new players to use your Unit Medals to get their serfs to level 7. Ideally, you want to raise all five serfs to level 3, then all five to level 5, then all five to level 7. The reason we do this is because taking a unit from 6 to 7 is equivalent to taking all 5 to level 5. To maximize your gains keep all of your serfs at the same level. Additionally, you can use your Shared Unit EXP from your battles to help level your serfs up so that you don't need to bring them into battle at all. Ultimately, it would be good to max level your serfs as it will raise their Labour score to 12.80 natively whereas a Level 7 serf only has a native score of 11.20.

Increasing Gathering Potential

While the first way to increase gathering potential is to get all 5 of your serfs to level 7 on the bottom veterancy path, there are more ways you can increase your output. 

The Technology Tree

This will unlock at level 100 and will allow you to increase your gains by advancing through the technology tree. My suggestion is to focus on a single path until you reach the first "Increases X Exotics production by 100%.". Once you have that node in a line go to the next one and focus on getting it to that third node. Then keep moving down the technology tree until you have all of the first three nodes. Then go back to the start and focus on getting to the 5th node and work your way down the tree. Some areas might be more important depending on which regions are open. For example in Maoyang, Iron Nodes yield "Tungsten" which is a Regional Exotic which is used in Unit Kit Crafting for gold and purple unit kits. It's also one of the most sought-after materials for Houses to Gain XP. This makes it very lucrative in the Resource Market. If you want to subsidize your farming expeditions, focusing on Regional Exotic collection might be a good way of doing so.

Labor Doctrines

The next major improvement is found when you unlock the Doctrine system. You can begin finding these when excavating "The Field of Broken Lances" node from the excavation panel. As you begin to use Doctrinal Alchemy you will start to find some of the more advanced versions. 

  • Labor Doctrine: Increase labor by 0.05
  • Health & Labor Doctrine: Increases health by 360 points. Increases labor by 0.05 per living soldier in the unit.
  • Health & Labor Doctrine III: Increases health by 400 points. Increases labor by 0.06 per living soldier in the unit.
  • Health & Labor Doctrine IV: Increases health by 440 points. Increases labor by 0.06 per living soldier in the unit.
  • Health & Labor Doctrine V: Increases health by 440 points. Increases labor by 0.07 points per living soldier in the unit.
Serf Labor Score
  1 Unit 2 Units 3 Units 4 Units 5 Units
Level 1 6.40 12.80 19.20 25.60 32.00
Level 3 7.68 12.80 19.20 25.60 32.00
Level 4 8.64 17.28 25.92 34.56 43.20
Level 6 9.60 19.20 28.80 38.40 48.00
Level 7 11.20 22.40 33.60 44.80 56.00
Level 10 12.80 25.60 38.40 51.20 64.00
Labor Doctrine
Health & Labor Doctrine I
14.80 29.60 44.40 59.20 74.00
Health & Labor Doctrine III
Health & Labor Doctrine IV
15.20 30.40 45.60 60.80 76.00
Health & Labor Doctrine V 15.60 31.20 46.80 62.40 78.00

The Supporting Data

Now the important part to know is how this works. Here are some numbers to help you see how each step changes the overall gains. For this data we used a single Limonite Iron Mine.

1 Serf

  • Lv. 1: 791 Limonite, 2 Black Manganese, 1 Tin
  • Lv. 7 Bottom Veterancy: 1,424 Limonite, 3 Black Manganese, 9 Tin
  • Lv. 7 with Labor Doctrines: 2,086 Limonite, 21 Black Manganese, 14 Tin
  • Lv. 7 with Technology Tree: 2,367 Limonite, 24 Black Manganese
  • Lv. 7 with Labor Doctrines & Technology Tree: 2,733 Limonite, 48 Black Manganese, 16 Tin

Setting off on your Gathering Expedition

To start gathering you must first leave the city you're in by speaking to the Watchmen or Agents. You can do this by holding the tab key and by clicking on the label on the right side called "Watchman" under Officers & Info. This will autorun you to the Watchmen and allow you to leave the city. Once at the watchman select "Leave Fief" and a screen will pop up where you can select your Serfs to bring with you.

Being Persued

Now occasionally there will be malicious players afoot and you may want to bring some fighting units to protect yourself. In all honesty, the chance of survival isn't great to begin with as these players are usually "try hards" and do this to feel better about themselves. 

From my extensive testing, the amount of resources you lose is pretty consistent.

  • Your Loss: 50%
  • Their Gain: 25%
  • Resources Destroyed: 25%

While being Pursued is annoying, it does complete a weekly challenge for you. Typically you will have more resources than you know what to do with and will eventually be throwing it away or refining it into refined materials anyway. It's best to just let it happen and move along. You will be immune to being Pursued for 3 minutes after you leave the fight. 

If you're hauling something important. Swing by your local Trade Colony or Capital City and list the item on the Resource Market then immediately cancel it. You can then go to your local Watchman in your hometown and ask them to ship it to you. This is an easy way to ensure the delivery of your most precious goods. It costs a little silver but its guaranteed delivery.

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