Successfully Complete Deploy & Defend


This Daily Tower Defense mode is an easy way to complete the "Test Your Skills" quest for 2 Requisition Orders, 1 Auxiliary Point, 5 Supply Tokens, 8,000 EXP, 1,600 Bronze, 100 Honour, 200 House EXP, and 4 Activity Points. Supply Tokens are the most important reward which can be used to purchase Scrolls of Mastery and Wisdoms in the Supply Token Exchange. 

At first, it can be quite challenging as you're learning the flow of battle. I have a simple method that guarantees victory.

Below I have listed the target units you should aim for. The location markers are listed in order of importance so start at the front and work to the end as you place units. If you do not have any of these units interact with a flag and request a new set of units until you get one of the units mentioned. There is a limited number of resets each phase so if you get one of the units, place it, don't try for another unit in the list. The Blue Markers should only be used in Phase Two as Hounds of Fenrir will wipe out any unit you place on those markers in Phase One.

Unit Selection:

Phase 1 Target Units:

Phase 2: Target Units:


  • Javelin Units - They will only throw once.
  • Axe Raiders - They will only throw once.

PRO-TIP: Fire is your friend. If you're failing, add more FIRE!

Here's a video walkthrough:

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