Treasures: Strange Exotics, Fast Money


What to do with these strange Exotics?

This is something I didn't learn until after I crossed the level 550 mark. I never even thought to look. As I farmed resources in the open world I began getting these strange purple exotics that have Silver values on them. Being the pack rat I was I held onto them figuring they were a rare crafting material or something. Well later I joyfully discovered the stockpile I was sitting on was worth nearly one million silver if I listed them on the trading post. This is by far the simplest way of earning funds for new players.

First, I recommend all new players unlock 5 Serfs and train them to level 7 on the bottom line. This will maximize their output potential. Bring these 5 serfs with you to various resource nodes and wait for one of these gems to appear. You can improve your chances of finding one after you reach level 100 by upgrading your Technology tree. There are nodes for each resource type that will "Increase Exotics production by 100%." By unlocking these nodes you will raise the chance of gaining one of these treasures.

To sell these items go to your home city, open your inventory (I), click the Supplies tab (3rd icon on the left), click Supply Dump, and then on the drop-down on the left side select "Exotics". Most exotics are used for siege and kit crafting later in the game. However, those Epic (Purple) Exotics with a "Selling Price" are not used in any recipe.

There are a few things you can do with these.

  1. Donate them to the Quartermaster (1,000 Points)
    The primary thing most people are using these for is donating them to the Quartermaster to earn Fame quickly. These give 1,000 points of donation credit which can be quite a significant boost to someone's weekly fame growth.
  2. List them on the Trading Post (10,000+ Silver)
    Since the addition of the Quartermasters, players have been using these to speed their seasonal donation credit to the max. These typically will sell mid to late season for between 10,000 and 16,000 Silver. 
  3. Sell them to the Apothecary (1,000 Silver)
    They can be sold by placing them in your wagon and traveling over to your local Apothecary for 1,000 Silver each. By the time I reached level 550 I was sitting on quite a few of them which turned into a nice little nest egg of silver. If you're just starting out and desperately need silver, this is a great way to get some fast.
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