Choosing a Weapon


Welcome to Rock, Paper, Scissors Warfare

Conqueror's Blade is a massive rock-paper-scissors battle. A weapon will have strengths vs. certain other weapons and it will have weaknesses to others. The key is to find the players wielding the weapon that you're strongest against while avoiding weapons that are designed to kill you. 

When learning to play a specific weapon class you must also learn its strengths and weaknesses. For example if you are a Polearm player, you would be wise to seek out Mauls, Dual Blades, or Glaive players. You would be ill advised to try to take on a Short Bow, Pike or Musket Player. While you are the natural predator of the Dual Blade, Maul and Glaive, you are also the food for a Short Bow, Pike, or Musket. You have a distinct advantage over some, while a weakness to others. Every weapon in the game shares this Yin and Yang approach and can be defeated by another weapon. It is critical that you learn this quickly and avoid confronting a class your weapon is not meant to win against.

The same is true for units. Every unit is strong vs. their optimal enemy yet weak against their strongest opponent. For example, Onna-Musha are strong against Berserkers but they are weak against Symmachean Stalwarts. Berserkers are great against most melee units but are weak against Imperial Pike Guards' Advance ability. Every unit has a strength and a weakness. This is one of the reasons I love this game. Every time you or your unit is defeated make sure to pay attention to what killed them. This will help you identify what units you should target or stay away from.

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