Season 6: Scourge of Winter

Season 6 made its debut on December 16th, 2020, and did something no other season has tried. It created an evolving storyline that featured both PvE and PvP content. The whole premise of season 6 was that Ostaria lay in ruins after Scourge and the Desecrators destroyed it. The brave champions of the south must drive north and rebuild Ostaria to its former glory. 

This season brought new challenges, a new battle pass, 3 new unit promotions, and a new system that allows players to earn a permanent currency that transcends a single season.

Season 6 Background Story

The worst winter in living memory holds the North in an icy grip. Undercover of this freezing darkness, a horde of bandits, renegades, and exiles known as the Desecrators has conquered Ostaria. Under the command of the terrifying Scourge of Winter, a mysterious figure who plagued the land in legends, these brigands thrive on greed and unending cruelty.

As the Desecrators sow terror across the North, the survivors of their brutal assault flee south to Ungverija, seeking to join forces with any heroes who will take a stand against terror. Thanes and freemen, knights and kings must all join together in a desperate alliance to deliver Ostaria from the evil of the Scourge of Winter and drive back the Desecrators by winter's end.

Strike Back With New Promoted Units

Muster an army of battle-hardened soldiers to fight for the North. Complete new Unit Challenges to promote your existing units, giving them the morale and extra power they need to face evil!

  • 3-Star Landsknechts: Promoted from the Halberdiers. These Ostarian soldiers serve year-round for high wages, making up for their price with deadly efficiency and excellent battle gear. They are equipped with a modified halberd that incorporates a hinged hook, allowing them to inflict greater injuries in battle.
  • 4-Star Armiger Lancers: Promoted from the Yeomen. Men of common birth permitted to bear heraldry, these soldiers have typically demonstrated great bravery on the battlefield, usually through saving the life of a member of the nobility. They are often the leading cavalry squadron, but the sheer number of casualties in the fight against the Desecrators has produced some all-officer units.
  • 5-Star Liao’s Rangers: Promoted from the Fire Lancers. Major Liao's company of Fire Lancers were part of a reconnaissance column exploring the north of the Borderlands, but were driven westwards by the severe winter. In Ostaria, they established themselves as a key threat to the Desecrators and found support in whichever snowbound village or farm could spare food, fire, and fodder.

Royal Falcon Tavern

The weather outside may be frightful, but the fire and festivities offered by the Royal Falcon Tavern in Turul Város are so delightful! This new hub offers solace from the freezing weather and the threat of the Desecrators. Relax with fellow warlords, enjoy a hearty Winter Ale to warm your cockles, and take on quests from NPCs! Taverns are microcosms of life in Conqueror’s Blade, so be sure to visit often throughout Season VI to see new faces and opportunities here.

Dynamic Weather Conditions

The North finds itself under attack from not only the Desecrators, but the longest and most severe winter ever. Dynamic weather conditions bring even greater immersion to the world of Conqueror’s Blade, as you’ll battle through light flurries and fierce snowstorms in your campaign across the Ostaria region.

Ruined Fiefs (PvE)

The North’s fiercest defenders can help reclaim this fallen land in a new PvE mode. Thriving in the ruinous wake of the Desecrators, Marauders have taken over ruined fiefs across the Ostaria region and are using them as bases from which to rob and murder any survivors. Help fight them off and use your resources to rebuild the fiefs to earn exclusive rewards, including the exclusive Frost Assassin, Blizzard Soldier, and Cold Steel Armour Sets, and the highly-coveted Blood Archon Hero Attire, a variant of this season’s Tier 100 reward from the Battle Pass!

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Season 6 History

The War Report of Cloudwing Valley
Hosted by: Foghladha