Season 5: Legacy of Fire

Season V: Legacy of Fire is coming to Conqueror’s Blade was a free expansion released on on October 13, 2020. Players raged through the flames of history as they uncover forgotten tales of the past, recruit powerful fire-wielding units, and unlock exclusive seasonal rewards along the way.

Background Story

Over 100 years ago, King John I Kainurgos enjoyed a reckless and chaotic ascent to power over the Kingdom of Empyros. The young king promised much to many to secure his throne and was faced the daunting task of restoring his kingdom to its former glory. He mustered an army of knights from across the land called the Symmachean Brotherhood, assembled the kingdom's greatest minds to create weapons of fire and destruction, and set out across the sea in search of land and treasure.

Together with the Symmchean Brotherhood, the Empyrean forces found the Anadolou region. Their campaign showed promise, but time, gold, and bloodlust can turn even the loyal and chivalrous against their allies. The Brotherhood made a power play, and the ensuing struggle forced the hopelessly outnumbered Empyreans to fight back with their fire weapons. The subsequent desolation of forests, farmlands, and townships stoked resentment and fire in the hearts of the citizens of Anadolou that would burn fiercely for years to come...

Core Features:

A New World Awaits

Set in the distant past, Season V follows a campaign by the Kingdom of Empyros and their makeshift militia, the Symmachean Brotherhood, as they march across the land of Anadolou. Home to many port towns, this is the first new region to be introduced since the launch of Conqueror’s Blade. Here, players will be able to retrace the steps of a reckless campaign that sparked the rise of an all-powerful empire in the present day!

Discover Treasures Untold

Players can explore this new land to unlock over 200 rewards, including season-exclusive attire and lots more from a new Battle Pass. Season V: Legacy of Fire will also launch alongside the Season V Battle Pass on October 13, with pre-orders starting soon in-game. When the campaign advances to its bloody and inevitable conclusion later this year, the throne of the coveted fortress city of Reginopolis awaits worthy conquerors in Season V’s endgame.

Fight Fire with Fire

More firepower can be unlocked for the battles ahead with new seasonal units, armed with newly-developed weapons that are seething with hellfire. The Zykalian Militia is an effective defensive force which wields throwable earthenware grenades, a fiery deterrent to attackers during siege battles. Players can also recruit the Siphonarioi, a dreaded force armed with handheld flamethrowers. Sworn to guard the secret of hellfire's composition, they will fight tooth and nail to avoid being taken alive.

Recruit Fresh Blood

Additional reinforcements can be called in, as fan-favourite units are promoted to the ranks of the Symmachean Brotherhood! Symmachean Stalwarts are an elite regiment based on Spear Sergeants, while Symmachean Paladins take the torch from Men-at-Arms. The basic units can be promoted to a different veterancy via Seasonal Challenges.

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