Complete Guide to Gathering Resources

So you think you're ready to start crafting do ya? Well, listen up. It's a wicked wild world out there filled with rebels and rabble who seek to steal your goods.

Building your Crafting Warband

In the perfect scenario where nobody is out trying to take your stuff, it is suitable to bring with you 5 level 7 serfs with the bottom veterancy path taken. This veterancy path will raise your Labor score and provide you with an additional 40% gathering. All together you will farm 4x the amount of materials than you would with other units. If your interested in learning the details on why serfs are the best take a look at our Best Units for Gathering guide.

What to Expect

Now the open world is a battlefield and on that battlefield, you can expect to find wagon raiders. These villains are looking for cheap and easy fights so they can pad their egos and feel better about coming in last place in their last siege match. Nothing raises morale like stomping some serfs with tier 5 cavalry. So expect this. They will come and you will experience this sometime. 

There are some things you can do to mitigate it. First, always change lines. In the top right of your screen when outdoors you will see "1 Line (ok)". Click on that and a drop-down will appear with the different instances available. Pick something other than 1 as that's the default line when exiting a town. For the most part, you can move under the radar unless it's a full hunting party looking for easy wins, then that's just sad on their part. It's a wise choice to bring a fighting unit to use in the event someone does attack you, however, it will reduce the number of supply you receive.

Gathering Resources

There are several types of resources including food, iron, copper, hides, cotton, stone, and horses. Each of these costs a different price to farm and each of them produces a different amount. The nodes will be colored grey, green, blue, or purple which signifies the quality of the resource you'll acquire. 

When walking up to the node you'll be presented with 2 options:

  • The first option will be to use your daily yield (1 for non-allied, 2 for allied, 3 for resources your house owns) which the house will collect a tax on. 
  • The second option is to use a Requisition that you acquire from doing your daily quests. This is the king's token that can not be denied and can not be taxed. You can farm resources once per token you've collected and will get the resources at the base price without being taxed.

Now aside from crafting Resources are highly useful for Fief Quests which is the leading source of Honour gains in Conqueror's Blade. Be sure to see our Fief Quest section for details.

Base Crafting Resources
Node Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Stone Quarry




Copper Mine




Iron Mine




Cotton Field

Rough Cotton

Coarse Cotton

Long Cotton

Fine Cotton



Goat Hide

Cow Hide
Special Resources
All Types Come From All Nodes. Node Quality Determines Probability & Quantity






Exotic Materials
Resource Gathered at: Exclusive to:
Alum Copper All
Calamine Copper All
Flax Cotton All
Hemp Cotton All
Furs Hides All
Sinews Hides All
Black Manganese Iron All
Tin Iron All
Coal Stone All
Nitre Stone All
Charcoal Wood All
Linseed Oil Wood All
Shellac Wood All
Minium CopperTrading Post Ostaria
Cloud Cotton CottonTrading Post Liangyun
Bison Hide HidesTrading Post Ungverija
Tungsten IronTrading Post Maoyang
Chrysoberyl StoneTrading Post Anadolou
Larch WoodTrading Post Maoyang
Yew WoodTrading Post Ostaria
Naptha Trading Post All
Mountain Phosphorous CopperTrading Post Borderlands
Mountain Cotton CottonTrading Post Borderlands
Mountain Wolf Fur HidesTrading Post Borderlands
Mountain Bauxite IronTrading Post Borderlands
Dragon Gunpowder Trading Post All
Laterite IronTrading Post Longting
Data Gathered By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch