Complete Guide to Crafting Saddlery

NPC: Smith

Some players often overlook their horse armour or opt to buy the horse armour from the Stable Master. While this armour can get you started it is similar to player armour that is found from battles. Crafted is always better.  The smith can compile horse armour for you using the same materials you use for armour and weapons. 

Higher grade armour will require schematics and there is no way to recondition horse armour so when it breaks it's only good for salvage material.

You can acquire epic horse armour schematics in rewards chest on occasion, from Twitch drops and other promotions, in the end-of-season rewards shop, and occasionally in the seasonal store. They are quite rare but you should find enough to keep you in good supply over the long term. 

To get started work on crafting the Rare Horse Armour. It's a start and fairly easy to acquire the materials needed. It will serve you better than the store-bought alternative.

Data Gathered By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch